Netzip to Offer Shopping During Downloads

Download technology company Netzip said it plans to offer a syndicated
shopping opportunity to its user base during their Internet downloads.

The new shopping service is a result of a partnership between Netzip and DoubleClick Inc. in which Netzip has
agreed to participate in DoubleClick’s Shopping and Services Program.

Financial arrangements were not disclosed.

As a member of DoubleClick’s Shopping and Services Program, Netzip will offer
its users a range of shopping opportunities, including “shop by category,”
“shop by location” and “quick search.”

The customized shopping experience is available through Netzip’s
“Info-Window” that appears on the user’s desktop during downloads. The store
will remain open after the download is complete, allowing users to continue

“To put this partnership into ‘man on the street’ language, a user can now
purchase a CD while she is downloading its hit single, and DoubleClick can
deliver a targeted ad from an online CD store to her desktop during the
process,” said Tom Daly, vice president of business development for Netzip.

“It is a win-win situation for consumers, marketers and advertisers.”
Users are are passive for extended amounts of time during downloads, making
them valuable to advertisers, Netzip said.

Netzip has download technology distribution deals with Netscape, PC World
Online, and McAfee, among others. Users acquire the Netzip
technology when they download from one of Netzip’s partner sites.

Once users download with the technology it stays on their PC to handle all future

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