New Intelligence Tool Evaluates E-Commerce Performance

@plan. Inc., an online B2B exchange for
optimizing Internet advertising and merchandising strategies, launched its
E-Tailgraphics System, a new market research planning system.

The company said E-Tailgraphics is “a merchandising vertical system which
provides e-tailers with the essential intelligence necessary to effectively
compete and strategically
grow their business.”

The system will focus on three categories: automotive, travel and general

The E-Tailgraphics System consists of four modules:

  • Market Performance Evaluator — Provides the ability to determine an
    e-tailer’s market capture rate of any desired target population as well as
    the ability to compare it to its competitor’s performance

  • E-Tail Segment Ranker — Assesses relative industry rank in terms of an
    e-tailer’s ability to attract key customer segments vital to success. This
    critical intelligence can then be compared to the performance of direct

  • Customer Performance Evaluator — Determines how consumers evaluate an
    e-tailer’s performance on key attributes such as overall satisfaction,
    revisit/repurchase intent, quality of customer service, return policies and
    satisfaction with prices. This module delivers a comprehensive consumer
    report card by which an e-tailer can determine how it fares in the
    marketplace compared with its competitors, the company said

  • Market Segment Profiler — Enables an e-tailer to profile its consumers in
    great detail. Demographics, psychographic attitudes and online shopping
    habits profiles can be compared with competitors.

Each quarter, the E-Tailgraphics System will be updated with data collected
anonymously from a sample of 15,000 active online shoppers in the automotive,
travel and general merchandising sectors, @plan said. This will subscribers
to the service the ability to track progress over time on various measures of
performance and do comparisons with competitors.

“By understanding how they are ranked by consumers versus their competitors
in the industry, e-tailers will be provided with an intelligence tool that
will allow them to
effectively allocate their resources and successfully navigate their future,”
said Mark Wright, chief executive officer of @plan.

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