Online Auctioneer Software Gets Upgrade

Netmerchants Inc. in Fort Lauderdale,
FL released Auctioneer V3.0, an updated solution for conducting online

Auctioneer is a 32-bit automated Internet auction software package designed to
run on Windows NT 3.51 or higher. Auctioneer can also operate in dual-mode,
supporting both Standard CGI (cgi-bin) and Windows CGI (cgi-win), making it
operable under virtually any Windows-based web server.

Product features include: credit card integration, proxy bidding, fee
profiles, feedback system, HTML customization, chat rooms, customized
reporting, search capabilities, site security, and CompuBid, a feature
allowing the computer to bid on behalf of sellers until reserve pricing is

Auctioneer is customizable and is designed to be maintenance free, allowing
system operators to concentrate on other aspects of their online venture. Due
to its modular design and use of open standards, third-party developers and
integrators can extend the functionality of Auctioneer, allowing them to
create a solution tailored to each client’s individual needs.

More information about Auctioneer can be found here. Netmerchants also launched a
Auctioneer Partner Program, affording resale and integration opportunities.

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