Oracle Debuts Blade Servers for Telcos

Telecommunications companies have demanding needs from their servers — a market that Oracle is aiming for with the Sun Netra 6000 server, based on the Sun Blade 6000 server design.

The offering is more than just a rebranded Sun blade server: The Netra 6000 adds carrier-grade features and enhancements designed to support applications like Operations and Business Support Systems (OSS/BSS), as well as media delivery. The end result is a server tuned for the mission-critical apps run by carriers. ServerWatch takes a look.

Oracle has announced the availability of the Sun Netra 6000 server, a family of carrier-grade servers designed for the telecommunications industry. These servers are built on the Oracle Sun Blade 6000 blade server design and contain modifications and tuning specific to the telco industry.

The Sun Netra 6000 adds carrier-grade qualities such as Network Equipment Building System (NEBS) certification and extended lifecycle support important to telcos. NEBS certification is required for telecommunications central office deployments and previous versions of the Netra were not NEBS-certified.

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Oracle Launches Telco-Oriented, Carrier-Grade Blade Server

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