Oracle Unveils New SPARC Servers, Roadmap

Many industry observers were ready to deliver a eulogy for Sun’s SPARC microprocessor line after the company was bought by Oracle.

Not hardly, says Larry Ellison. At an event this week, the Oracle CEO took the wraps off of a new crop of SPARC-powered servers, and outlined a roadmap for the product line going forward. Oracle is well into its lab testing for the T4 line of processors, as it shifts its efforts to single-thread processing. Server Watch has the story.

For those who thought the Sun SPARC microprocessor was a dead end, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison is out to prove you wrong.

At an event this week, Oracle announced an array of new SPARC powered servers and a roadmap for future SPARC development. The new servers include a SPARC based Exalogic Elastic Cloud as well as the new SPARC Supercluster. The new SPARC servers are being optimized for the upcoming Solaris 11 Unix operating system as Oracle updates Sun’s hardware and software portfolios.

Read the full story at Server Watch:

Oracle Debuts SPARC Supercluster

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