Power7 Drives IBM’s Top Server Performance

Unix just works. The venerable operating system doesn’t get the kind of flashy headlines a new version of Windows or Apple’s Mac OS or iPhone OS does, but Unix has been powering key enterprise systems for decades. No wonder then, that computer giant IBM continues to evolve its own Unix variant, AIX, including the just-released AIX 7.

Today IBM unveiled its most powerful Unix server to date, based on its new Power7 chip that includes 256 cores and AIX 7. As Server Watch reports, IBM’s new Power 795 boasts some record-breaking transaction performance stats as well as impressive energy savings. The company also released other Power7 servers aimed at mid-sized customers.

Take that Oracle.

IBM (NYSE: IBM) today released major additions to its server line based on the company’s latest Power7 processor including a 256-core Unix system it says easily trumps competitive systems from Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL) and HP (NYSE: HPQ).

After finally acquiring Sun Microsystems, Oracle launched an aggressive marketing campaign for its high-end servers that claimed the systems vastly outperformed comparable IBM systems and used far less energy. IBM disputed Oracle’s claims on a company website, but now can make an even more emphatic claim of top performance.

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IBM’s New Unix Server Sports 256 Cores

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