RealNetworks Slapped with Patent Suit

A small San Francisco technology firm has slapped a patent
infringement lawsuit against RealNetworks and
over the use of software to find, personalize and play streaming media.

Friskit, Inc., founded by former vice
president George Aposporos, said it filed the suit in federal court in Chicago,
accusing RealNetworks and of infringing patents in RealOne Player
Plus and’s Rhapsody fee-based music services.

The suit potentially encompasses revenues from sales of both the players
and subscription products, Friskit said.

RealNetworks is on the verge of closing a deal to purchase

“We’ve spent years and millions of dollars developing the simplest and
most convenient ways for consumers to find, personalize and play streaming
media over networks,” Aposporos declared, warning that lawsuits against
other music subscription services could be coming down the pike.

RealNetworks officials could not be reached for comment at press

Friskit said its patent portfolio includes US Patent 6,389,467 relating
to “Streaming Media Search and Continuous Playback System of Media Resources
Located by Multiple Network Addresses”; US Patent 6,484,199 for “Streaming
Media Search and Playback System for Continuous Playback Through a Network”;
and US Patent 6,519,648 related to “Streaming Media Search and Continuous
Playback of Multiple Media Resources Located on a Network.”

“If Friskit succeeds in obtaining a permanent injunction, RealOne and
Rhapsody could be prevented from offering a number of critical features,
such as the ability for consumers to incorporate streaming media in
personalized playlists, or to listen to a set of songs sequentially and
continuously. The suit exposes RealNetworks to potentially millions of
dollars of damages,” Friskit said in a statement.

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