Rightpoint.Net Launches as Marketing Services Portal

RightPoint Corp., a provider of
real-time e-marketing solutions, launched the RightPoint.net Real-Time eMarketing Portal
, a subscription service delivering real-time marketing services to
e-commerce Web sites.

RightPoint said e-commerce companies can simply plug in to its marketing
service portal and receive real-time e-marketing services as Internet

As part of the initiative, RightPoint established alliances with e-business
consultancy NexGen SI, online data provisioning
partner Acxiom Corp. and NaviSite, a provider
of Web hosting services. RightPoint.net will offer live subscription services
beginning August 16.

“RightPoint.net goes well beyond the outsourced application model in
addressing the needs of today’s e-companies” said Gayle Crowell, RightPoint
CEO. “RightPoint.net is a unique marketing services portal, owned and
operated by RightPoint, and priced on a transaction-based basis. There is no
software to buy or lease, no infrastructure
purchases, no intervening third party contracts. . . .E-companies can now reap
the business benefits we provide to the Global 1000 with our RightPoint
eMarketing Suite.”

RightPoint.net will offer marketing campaigns, recommendations, promotions
and e-mail campaigns based on real-time customer profiling and RightPoint’s
real-time self-learning analytics.

RightPoint.net said it provides optimal personalization decisions by
utilizing all
available sources of customer data including clickstream data, surveys,
corporate customer data, predictive models, and demographic data provided by
the Acxiom Data Network.

In addition to the real-time decisioning service, the RightPoint.net
subscription includes access to RightPoint’s emarketing information site,
featuring articles, best practices and other information.

As a customer explores an e-company Web site, RightPoint collects clickstream
data for use in customer profiling for this and future Web sessions. At
selected points in the session, the Web content server will request
RightPoint.net to provide a real-time marketing decision, appropriate to this
customer at this instant. RightPoint profiles the
customer using any and all sources of data and delivers the optimal
personalized offer, recommendation or promotion. These transactions are
completed over the Internet and the results are seamlessly embedded in the
customer’s browser display, the company said.

Pricing is on a monthly usage-based subscription service starting at $7,500.

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