Salesforce Launches ChatterExchange

Of all the on-demand or Software-as-a-Service providers, Salesforce perhaps best understands the importance of giving developers and customers a place to sell and find new applications for its cloud-based software platforms.

eCRM Guide takes a look at ChatterExchange, Salesforce’s new applications marketplace featuring more than a dozen new apps developed by partners throughout the platform’s private beta.

It now also features 15 different Labs’ applications including ChatterViz, Chatter Case Triage, Chatter Mass Follower, Chatter + Google Alerts and others.

Salesforce plans to make its Chatter on-demand collaboration suite available for free to its customers later this year.

Following its own tested and highly successful formula, Salesforce this week is rolling out ChatterExchange, a new marketplace for third-party developers to build, share and sell applications for the on-demand software provider’s Chatter collaboration platform.

Chatter, which launched in private beta in February to about 100 customers, is described by CEO Marc Benioff as the Facebook of on-demand collaboration applications.

The goal, as Salesforce sees it is, is to provide enterprise customers with a reliable, interactive alternative to Microsoft’s (NASDAQ: MSFT) SharePoint and IBM’s (NYSE: IBM) Lotus Notes.

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CRM Leader Debuts ChatterExchange for On-Demand Collaboration

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