SeaMicro Debuts Novel Cloud-Computing Server

“Virtualization is proof CPUs are the wrong size,” proclaims Andrew Feldman, CEO of SeaMicro, a firm emerging from stealth with a radical approach to server design.

The company has released its SM1000 server, which it promises will deliver substantial energy savings thanks to the use of hundreds of low-power processors that ably perform common Web tasks that just don’t need the inordinate complexity of many server processors available today. Server Watch profiles SeaMicro’s new offering.

With 512 Atom processors in a 10u rack mounted unit, SeaMicro is defying not just conventional wisdom of what makes a Web server, but server design as well. Thanks to clever engineering, the company has fit eight server processors into a card smaller than a sheet of paper and hundreds of chips into a space usually occupied by less than a dozen.

The company is coming out of stealth mode to launch its SM10000 server which it claims will reduce power consumption by 75 percent compared to an Intel Xeon-based server of equal computing power thanks to its very low power draw.

Read the full story at Server Watch:

SeaMicro Launches an Atom-Powered Cloud Computing Server

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