Small Businesses Embrace Web Payment Plays

Running a small business is hard enough without having to become an overnight expert in the mundane and increasingly complicated world of bean counting. But Small Business Computing has the lowdown on a pair of Web-based services that are making life easier for small business owners.

Unless you’re an accountant, you probably didn’t start your own business only to wind up being an accountant. But managing cash flow is vital to every business’ survival, so American Express Open—the small business division of American Express — has introduced a new Web-based invoicing service to help small business owners get paid faster while also streamlining the billing process.

The company’s AcceptPay online tool offers automatic invoicing to help you get bills to clients and customers more quickly, payment tracking and automatic reminders of overdue payments, plus multiple payment-collection options that can help make it easier — and perhaps faster — for customers to pay.

And to help business owners save money once they’ve received it, BillShrink Inc. has launched BillShrink for Business. Best know for its consumer-focused Web service that helps visitors save on wireless plans, banking, credit cards and even gas, the company is turning its attention to small business owners. The first offering is a tool to help entrepreneurs find the credit card or charge card that offer the most benefits for them.

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Web-Based Services Help You Get Money, Keep Money

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