Sonic Foundry Revamps Audio Editor

Digital media specialist Sonic Foundry Inc. Monday revealed the latest
upgrade to its digital audio editor.

Sound Forge 5.0 includes 20 DirectX Audio Plug-Ins, including XFX1, XFX2 and
XFX3, and Acoustic Mirror, which can be used for acoustic simulation and
microphone modeling.

The upgraded suite includes: Amplitude Modulation, Chorus, Delay/Echo,
Distortion, Dynamics, Compression, Enveloping, Flange/Wah-Wah,
Gapper/Snipper, Noise Gate, Pitch Bend/Shift, Reverb, and Vibrato; three
Eqs–Graphic, Parametric, and Paragraphic and Time Compression/Expand. It
also supports DirectX-compatible Plug-Ins from third party applications.

Also, to better help audiophiles produce quality CDs, Sound Forge 5.0 also
supports 24-bit/192 kHz audio files, CD burning and CD ripping. The software
includes a host of editing features, such as cut, paste, move, delete,
mute, reverse, fade, crossfade, trim, normalize, fade, pan, resample,
enhance and insert silence.

Currently available in beta from the company, Sound
Forge 5.0 will ship in March.

A digital media purveyor, Sonic Foundry deploys services globally for
multimedia and Internet applications, music, video, broadcast solutions and
digital content creation.

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