Sprecken Zie RealNetworks?

RealNetworks Inc. Thursday released international editions of RealPlayer 8, RealJukebox 2 and RealDownload 4.

In total, 11 languages will be available, beginning with French, German and Japanese, and followed by editions in Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Spanish, Swedish and two variations of Chinese over the next 30 days.

Certain localized versions of RealPlayer 8 have already begun to participate in the RealChannels program. These international RealChannels deliver language-specific content to users based on their country, via a graphical “logo” button embedded in the RealPlayer software.

Users in Brazil, for example, have access to Latin American channels that include Terra, Radio Globo and Starmedia. Users in Japan can tune in to such Japanese RealChannels as Sony Music, Online Japan, and the Asahi.com Movie Channel. In addition, Real.com Guides are now available for users in Australia, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain and Sweden.

Along with the existing Real.com Guides for France, Germany, Japan and the UK, these new Real.com Guides facilitate direct content access to users who want to find local and international content in RealAudio and RealVideo. The new European and Latin American localized RealPlayer products will have localized Real.com Guides embedded in them for quick access. Other international embedded Real.com Guides, as well as embedded international RealJukebox Music Guides, will be available soon.

“We are proud to be providing localized-language versions of our best RealPlayer and RealJukebox software to the significant Internet consumer markets of the world,” said Phil Murphy, senior vice president, International, at RealNetworks. “We are empowering international consumers to enjoy all the features and benefits of RealPlayer 8 and RealJukebox 2 in their native languages, while also facilitating easy access to country-specific audio and video content.”

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