St. Paul Fire and Marine Offering E-Commerce Insurance

St. Paul Fire and Marine
Insurance Co.
unveiled a new set of insurance products designed to
protect high-tech companies from risks associated with e-commerce, such as
computer systems fraud, media injury and copyright and trademark

Besides the standard commercial property-liability coverages, the portfolio
of products includes Media Liability, CyberTech+ and Networker.

Networker provides coverage for computer fraud, denial of service,
telecommunications theft, ransom coverage and post-loss mitigation expenses
and public relations activity.

Media Liability is an integrated personal injury, advertising injury and
media injury insuring agreement. CyberTech+ is an integrated errors and
omissions (E&O), liability and media offenses insuring agreement, especially
targeted to technology companies serving the e-commerce industry.

“This portfolio of e-commerce products works together to provide our
customers with the broad range of coverages they need,” said Kae Lovaas,
vice-president for technology at St. Paul Fire and Marine. “New, high-tech
companies can obtain all the necessary coverages — E&O, media liability,
virus protection, computer fraud and standard property casualty lines — from
a single company without the risk of coverage gaps.”

CyberTech+ and Media Liability have been filed in 30 states, but coverage can
be written through St. Paul Surplus Lines in 20 other states. Networker will
be filed in all 50 states.

St. Paul Fire and Marine is the eighth-largest property-liability insurance
company in the United States.

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