Study Says $85B Available for Federal Outsourcing

An estimated $85 billion in large federal IT contract awards over the next three years show a strong potential opportunity for all technology vendors regardless of company size according to a report by Reston, Va.-based Input.

The report says three technology areas are common denominators across the largest upcoming IT acquisitions: IT security, enterprise integration and network architecture.

“While the size and scope of set-aside procurements and small business awards are growing, as shown by a recent Air Force award to a small vendor for $430 million, vendors do not need to solely rely on funneled acquisitions,” said Ashlea Higgs, senior analyst of Federal Market Development Services at Input.

Higgs added, “With or without set-aside contracting goals, the opportunity exists for any size vendor to win business given the technology requirements of large acquisitions.”

In defense agencies, the National Security Agency’s Groundbreaker II program offers vendors the opportunity to support large-scale, non-mission critical IT security needs, evidenced by vendor participation in the initial Groundbreaker effort.

“As large government integrators tout the resources of fully integrated products and services, any company providing niche technology solutions in these three areas can capture federal business,” Higgs said.

The report cites the Department of Homeland Securitys SPIRIT procurement as an opportunity that cuts across all three of these technology areas.

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