Sun-Netscape Alliance Adds E-Commerce Partners

As part of its mission to provide business e-commerce solutions, the SunNetscape alliance Monday announced partnerships with four companies as part of its “Full, Speed, Ahead” initiative.

Currently, the alliance offers a suite of applications that support vital business processes
including online procurement, selling, service and support. The design of “Full, Speed, Ahead” is to expand the scope of its e-commerce applications through technology relationships, quicker deployment of its e-commerce applications and increased product innovation, the group said.

Marketing firm Andromedia, Inc., Net Perceptions, Inc., an audience targeting company, Selectica, which supplies selling technology and Trilogy Software, Inc. have signed on as partners in the alliance’s program.

Selectica and Trilogy will work to offer companies and consumers guided online selling assistance, such as how to package goods or where to channel products, while Andromedia and Net Perceptions will help provide one-to-one marketing to businesses to tailor their product offerings for customers based on personal
profiles, information and behavior.

“The Sun-Netscape Alliance offers the products and services to put businesses online easily and
quickly, and the relationships announced today will further our position as the only one-stop e-commerce
offering,” said Steve Savignano, senior vice president of the application product division
for the Sun-Netscape Alliance.

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