Taalee Inks Deal with Voquette

Taalee Inc. has announced a partnership with Voquette, Inc. to enable Voquette users to receive highly personalized Web audio content through Taalee’s semantic cataloging technology.

Voquette’s personal Web audio services enable people to find and record their favorite Web audio programs and then play them back on portable audio devices such as MP3 players, MiniDiscs, cassette recorders, CD players and laptops. Taalee’s Semantic Engine enables Voquette users to find only the web audio content they want based on interest and context.

“Web audio listeners face an enormous challenge finding and organizing the content they need most. Taalee’s technology went beyond our expectations to solve this problem with its ability to deeply catalog and automatically distribute audio content to end-users based on their interests,” said Dave Galvan, director of business development for Voquette. “Taalee enables our users to generate personalized Web audio programs of highly relevant and up-to-date query results from a multitude of sources.”

“Our agreement with Voquette allows them to offer end-users an unprecedented level of customization to the personalized audio content they deliver,” said Amit Sheth, CEO of Taalee.

“Taalee is the only company that unlocks the value of content. Our Semantic Engine was designed for the unique needs of audiovisual content; it is the World’s best and fastest A/V search engine. Voquette’s personal Web audio services fully exploit these capabilities.”

Taalee’s Semantic Engine produces personalized search results through a combination of understanding content and the user’s interest. First, Taalee automatically processes incoming content to extract metadata (structured, semantic understanding of the meaning of content), additional metadata from Taalee is added and context-specific relationships among individual pieces of content are determined.

Finally, when a user provides their interest and context through a profile or query, the Semantic Engine selects and delivers only relevant content from the metabase. The end result is the quick delivery of highly personalized programming, while remaining transparent to Voquette’s user.

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