The Return of the Gerbil

Proving that they have a sense of humor even in difficult times, struggling
computer e-tailer Cyberian Outpost Inc. said today that its
spokes-gerbil has returned, just in time to help promote a new free ground
shipping initiative.

His return comes as the company prepares to celebrate its sixth birthday
today. Outpost said the gerbil “has returned to the Internet technology
retailer following a few anxious years as founder of the now defunct Small
Furry Animal Stunt School in Providence, R.I.

(Editor’s note: Check to see if the late, great sock puppet was a graduate.)

According to Darryl Peck, president and CEO of, the gerbil told
him that immediately following his starring role in the company’s “Gerbil
Shot From a Cannon” television commercial a few years back, the gerbil got
the idea for the stunt school.

“Apparently, that really didn’t take off,” said Peck, no doubt with pun

Peck offered the gerbil a cushy job in the marketing department and in fact
the rodent marketer can be seen upper left on Cyberian Outpost’s home page.

This time around, however, the gerbil will confine his promotional activities
to the Web site, a company spokeswoman told internetnewscom.

To promote the new ground delivery service, Outpost is offering free ground
shipping for orders of $500 or more for a limited time.

Like a lot of dot coms, Outpost has seen its stock price tumble into the
cellar. Last month the company slashed its work force by 110 employees, or 30 percent, and replaced president
and CEO Katherine Vick with its chairman and founder, Peck.

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