Third Voice Adds E-Commerce Function

Third Voice Inc., a provider of “sticky
note” technology for Web users, delivered Third Voice 2000, which gives
people the power to turn any word or phrase on any Web page into active words
that are launch pads for online commerce, research and communication.

Third Voice 2000 “changes the nature of hyperlinks by automatically
retrieving what people need — on demand — from stock quotes and product
comparisons to online communities,” the company said.

“We’ve taken the core value of the previous service — the power to
communicate in context on any Web page — and built it into Third Voice 2000,
a next-generation service that gives people the power to explore, shop and
communicate at the word level, regardless of Web page or site,” said
Eng-Siong Tan, chief executive officer and co-founder of Third Voice.

“Web words and phrases now
become interactive sources for content, commerce and connecting with other
people, wherever they happen to be on the Web.”

After downloading Third Voice 2000 for free from, users
will see selected underlined words and phrases on Web pages. These underlined
words are clickable active words and represent those words and phrases
searched for most often by Internet users. People can click on active words
and a Third Voice 2000 panel will appear to the right of the browser.

Third Voice panel allows users to instantly access relevant information about
the clicked word or phrase from three Third Voice 2000 categories — Explore,
Shop, and Discuss.

Clicking on selected product names brings up information about the product
itself — features, reviews and price comparisons across a range of Web
sites. Third Voice 2000 will also point the user to specific public groups
where other people are likely to be discussing the product.

The new service and Web site will be publicly available during the first
quarter of 2000.

Third Voice said it already has signed partner deals with Ticketmaster
Online-CitySearch Inc., U.S. News and World Report,,,,, BigStar, Kelley Blue Book, TechWeb,
Infonautics’ Company Sleuth and Sports Sleuth products and HSX Entertainment.

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