Top Online Auction Sites Ranked

took the top spot as the Internet’s best overall auction site, according to
a study released Monday by Gomez

The company ranked 15 auction sites based on ease of use,
customer confidence, on site resources and relationship services. eBay,
which Gomez says is the market leader in terms of membership, was ranked
first overall, leading the pack in best on site resources and relationship

Following close behind were ONSALE, which was considered the best site
for serious shoppers, and trading community Auction Universe.

Here’s the
overall rankings:

  1. eBay
  2. Onsale
  3. Auction Universe
  4. Deal Deal
  5. First Auction
  6. Yahoo Auction
  7. Teletrade
  8. City Auction
  9. One Web Place
  10. Web Auction
  11. Ubid
  12. Up4Sale
  14. Classifieds2000
  15. Egghead

Gomez Advisors is an independent authority
on the Internet delivery of consumer products and services. The company’s
quarterly Scorecards help consumers make more informed decisions about

their electronic commerce service providers in industries such as

brokerage, banking, book buying, travel and now Internet auctions.

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