VeriSign Affiliate Program Booming

VeriSign Inc.
Tuesday announced several new Internet service providers have joined its
Secure Site ISP affiliate program.

Digital Insight, Hiway Technologies, PSINet and more than 400 other Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have
signed on.

The affiliate program enables ISPs and web hosting companies to offer
VeriSign Secure Server IDs as an integrated part of their web services. The
affiliate program allows service providers to seamlessly integrate
value-added digital certificate services with their core Internet services.
Membership in VeriSign’s affiliate program is free to all qualified ISPs
and web hosting companies.

VeriSign Secure Server IDs act as electronic credentials for Web sites and
are used to authenticate sites to their visitors. Authentication enables
users to secure an encrypted browser-to-server connection using Secure
Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol.

“As more and more of our customers rely on the Internet as a medium for
conducting business, we’re committed to providing them with the full range
of tools they need to conduct electronic commerce — especially security,”
said Leo Imperial PSINet’s e-commerce product manager.

Richard Yanowitch, vice president of marketing for VeriSign said “we’re
pleased to work with leading ISPs and Web hosting companies to deliver the
most advanced online trust services available in the market today.”

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