Visa, CyberSource Launch New E-Commerce Fraud Detector

Visa U.S.A. and CyberSource Corp. Wednesday announced they are co-developing and marketing an e-commerce fraud screening solution.

Dubbed the
CyberSource Internet
Fraud Screen enhanced by Visa
, it is based on CyberSource’s existing
CyberSource Internet Fraud Screen and will incorporate Visa’s fraud
modeling capabilities with CyberSource’s Internet fraud reduction offering and historical transaction

The companies said they expect to promote the product to Visa’s
member financial institutions and Internet merchants.

The Visa/CyberSource product works by measuring the risk level of an order and returning a
related risk score back to the merchant in real time.To guard cardholder
privacy, individual cardholder data is not exchanged during the fraud screening process.

The product employs data validation,
artificial intelligence pattern matching, network data aggregation and
negative file checks as it checks more than 150 different factors to calculate the risk of fraud
associated with an online purchase. In addition, e-tailers are able to
custom tailor
the program for specific shopping seasons or other deviations in expected
customer behavior.

Online merchants run a pending credit card request through the online
service and
receive a rating or “score” assessing the chances of fraud. The e-tailers
can then decides whether to accept or reject the order, at the end of the
screening process, which averages five seconds.

“As we move into the holiday season, it is important that we provide Internet
merchants with the best tools to help them profitably manage their businesses,”
said Jim Degracia, senior vice president, e-commerce, Visa U.S.A.

“Visa and CyberSource are focusing our collective efforts on combating Internet
fraud, which works to provide merchants a secure environment for conducting
business on the Internet and drive the growth of e-commerce,” said Bill
CyberSource chairman and chief executive officer.

The CyberSource Internet Fraud Screen enhanced by Visa is now available,
with preferred pricing, from CyberSource and authorized resellers.
Merchants are also
eligible to receive major discounts off the fraud scoring charges for all Visa

CyberSource (CYBS) said more than 600 Internet merchants in over 26 countries use
their various e-commerce transaction and fraud detection products,
including LiquidAudio,, BUY.COM, Compaq Computer, and

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