Vision Factory Changes Name to Catalog International

The Vision Factory, developer of [email protected], an e-commerce
software solution for storefront building, said that it changed the name of
the company to
Catalog International.

[email protected] is a recognized brand with a strong presence in the U.S. and Europe,
the company said. By changing its name to Catalog
International, the company is building on this strong brand identity and
creating a stronger link between the product and the company.

[email protected] has been used in the development of e-commerce Web sites worldwide,”
said Mogens Nielsen, president of Catalog International. “Our partners and
customers perceive [email protected] as a major player in the e-commerce market, very
often without any knowledge that our company name is different. By changing
the name of the company to Catalog International, we build a closer connection
between the product brand and the company behind it.”

[email protected] enables creation of a storefront, shopping basket and transaction
services by accessing existing product and customer databases, wrapping the
tables and fields with commerce objects and controls, and then fine-tuning the
presentation with standard HTML commands.

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