Voquette Takes RealAudio On The Go

Voquette Tuesday made it possible for RealAudio content to be recorded and
played on a variety of affordable portable audio devices, including minidiscs and cassette recorders using Voquettes’s Media Manager software.

“Voquette offers RealPlayer users a unique way to listen to their favorite RealAudio content anytime, anywhere and on any device,” said Ben Rotholtz, of RealNetworks Inc. (RNWK).

“We are pleased that Voquette is providing the opportunity to extend the vast amounts of RealAudio content on
the Internet today — including world news, Web casts, financial updates and
web radio — to the mobile environment.”

Voquette’s solution enables any Web content — streaming media, MP3, as well
as text to speech — to be placed in a personalized playlist and played on a
variety of portable audio devices.

Using patent-pending, “automatic-pull-and-record” technology, the Voquette
Media Manager software enables users to create personalized daily audio
programs without worrying about audio formats.

Voquette’s technology allows users to record these programs onto a variety of consumer
electronic devices. Voquette partners with select Consumer Electronic
companies, including Sharp and Philips, to web enable their portable audio

With Voquette’s Media Manager software, users can combine multiple audio
formats into a playlist by simply dragging and dropping content found on the
Internet onto the Voquette Media Manager icon, named Victor.

Playlists can then be played in real-time or recorded for future playback. With Voquette’s
Automatic Recording feature, users can pre-schedule the recording of upcoming
broadcasts — such as daily radio or financial shows — as well as schedule the
download of MP3 music and other audio content, in order to take advantage of
Internet off-peak hours.

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