WebPartner Debuts Free E-commerce Site Monitoring Service

No matter how well the launch of an e-commerce Web site is planned, no site will be successful if there are frequent outages. One company has a new product that will help developers planning Web storefronts capitalize on the Internet’s potential.

Software or services are currently available that will
e-mail or page you if your site goes down, but doesn’t a free service sound
even better? WebPartner monitors online store performance and provides webmasters prompt notification of problems such as “site not found” and
“slow response time”, as well as benchmark comparisons against leading
industry and competitive sites.

WebPartner is directed in particular towards small and mid-sized e-commerce
businesses, which are critically dependent upon the competitiveness of
their online stores but often lack internal resources to perform ongoing
E-commerce site monitoring and competitive comparisons.

As a Web-based
service, there is no software to install or maintain. You can register for
WebPartner in less than 30 seconds by visiting the company’s Web site.

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