WebSideStory Delivers eData Mining Resource

Internet tracking and traffic analysis company WebSideStory released StatMarket eData Mining, calling
it “the most powerful source for real-time e-commerce data available.”

The company said the move reflects a broad industry shift from complicated
and often inaccurate software-based log file analysis to Web-based visitor

StatMarket eData Mining translates raw Web site data into useful information
on visitor trends and behavior patterns. With StatMarket, the Web is part of
the machine, the company said. No special hardware or software is required.

After some invisible code is placed on monitored pages, WebSideStory does the
data mining from its network operations center. The service gives executives
at business sites precise, but anonymous, information about visitors,
including where they came from, what they view, how long they stay, and soon,
even other places they frequent on the Web.

eData Mining also provides
benchmark competitive comparisons based on multiple site data.

StatMarket eData Mining, which counts pages only when loaded into an actual
Web browser (no spiders or bots), is based on WebSideStory’s HitBOX
technologies. Pricing points were not disclosed.

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