WebTrends Launches Behavorial Data Conduit

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what clients wanted before they called or to
anticipate problems before getting complaints?

The Psychic Hotline is not the place to get this data, according to
WebTrends, a maker of ebusiness solutions. Instead, the Portland, Ore.-based
company recommends its newly released product: a data conduit designed to
provide Web behavioral data that indicates customers’ interests and needs.

The product, which was created in cooperation with Siebel,
a provider of eBusiness application software, adds an entirely new dimension
to customer relationship management, according to Eli Shapira, CEO of

“The WebTrends Data Conduit for Siebel makes Web visitor behavior data
available directly within the Siebel Call Interface,” he explained. “The
product shows customer response to marketing campaigns and product offers
and technical inquiries that may signal a need for customer service.

“Using this information sales and service professionals can tailor their
efforts with highly focused offers, promoting cross- and up-sell
opportunities and service packages that strengthen relationships with their
valued customers and enhance customer loyalty,” he said.

By using this product, Siebel is privy to details of a customer’s Web
site visits as well as alerted to what the customer’s current product
interests are and the account status and customer record level of interest
in product categories, pages viewed and time spent on a Web site.

The conduit also allows WebTrends to integrate Siebel’s data with its Web
behavioral data in the CommerceTrends VRM platform where customizable,
multidimensional analysis will further provide insight on customers’
purchasing patterns.

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