Worlds Inc. Signs Second Pact With Freeserve

Worlds Inc. signed its second definitive
agreement within a 30-day period, this one to become the official and
exclusive 2D, or HTML, Internet chat content provider on the UK’s Freeserve ISP service.

The first agreement announced on June 16 called for Worlds to be the official
3D Internet broadband chat content provider on Freeserve, including placement
of Worlds 3D Internet technology and 3D broadband content on millions of new
Freeserve ISP access CDs.

Freeserve plc, a subsidiary of Dixons Group plc, the UK’s largest brick and
mortar electronics retailer, has generated over 1.2 million active user
accounts in 10 months.

Both agreements with Freeserve provide for advertising revenue sharing
between Freeserve and Worlds while the Worlds/Freeserve 3D broadband
agreement also provides for an e-commerce link on Freeserve’s Shopping
Channel Page back to which sells the merchandise of a number
of recording artists, including Elton John, Sting, U2, Shania Twain, and
David Bowie, among others.

“Freeserve’s overall decision to
work with Worlds highly dedicated team of software developers and marketeer’s
is, I believe, a reflection of Worlds cutting edge technology and content,” said Steven G. Chrust, chairman of Worlds.

The Freeserve 2D Chat content pages will contain a prominent mention in the
upper right hand corner noting that Freeserve Chat is managed by

Worlds Inc. primarily creates, markets, and operates three-dimensional
interactive, multimedia, virtual environments for the Internet, utilizing
proprietary technology. Worlds’ Internet software and broadband content is
delivered and installed via broadband interactive cable networks or embedded
on traditional audio CDs, and forms the basis for multi-user chat, e-commerce
and advertising forums.

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