XStreamVoice Streams Voice-Activated Wireless Audio

XStreamVoice Inc. has developed an audio streaming technology solution that allows Internet users to receive streaming audio directly to cell phones or other WAP-enabled devices. The XStreamVoice product is voice activated and allows customers to personalize a menu of streaming audio content directly to their wireless device. Using an integrated voice recognition technology, it allows for hands-free, mobile Internet access.

“The technology used to stream audio content is available today and will not be obsolete once we enter the 3G marketplace due to the incorporation of smart technologies in the XStreamVoice solution,” Russ Benhardt, CEO of XStreamVoice commented. “Companies wishing to invest and enter the 3G space can now take immediate steps to offer their customers streaming audio content and use the same technology to add additional features in the future. XStreamVoice’s scalable technology has huge implications in the way current telecom and wireless companies are approaching the future of 3G.”

“We are actively pursuing partnerships with carriers, as well as content and technology providers to launch our platform shortly after the first of the year,” added Jay Deragon, chairman of XstreamVoice. We have discovered a breakthrough process that will significantly enhance today’s wireless experience.”

A demonstration of XStreamVoice’s audio streaming technology is available at XStreamVoice.com.

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