Yahoo! Gives CareerBuilder The Boot

Mega portal Yahoo! has finally dumped CareerBuilder as
its exclusive provider of job listings.

Yahoo! announced Thursday the first major integration of the
recently-acquired operations means the New York-based online
recruiter would become the exclusive provider of employment listings on the
Yahoo Careers section. It effectively
ends the high-profile traffic deal with CareerBuilder .

While the move is hardly surprising, coming on the heels of the $436
million deal
, it is a blow to the Reston, VA-based CareerBuilder.

Company spokesman Terra Malcom said the change was part of the expected transition from a channel partnership to ownership status that Yahoo has executed. “We have a policy that we don’t break out details of our contracts or agreements,” she said.

CareerBuilder spokesman Barry Lawrence said the termination was expected and
was in the best interest of both sides. “We mutually agreed it was the best
interest of both parties to go our own ways. We’re certain it won’t have a
major impact on our business,” Lawrence said.

“It was simply a traffic deal and it was renewed from year-to-year. Once
they acquired HotJobs, it made sense for them and for us to terminate the
agreement,” he said.

Lawrence said CareerBuilder would move swiftly to make up for the lost Yahoo!
traffic. “We’ve found other ways to turn the traffic on. We’ve already
structured some deals with Google and Lycos and we’re doing it at a much
less expensive rate.”

As part of the Yahoo!/HotJobs integration, the portal said jobseekers would
have access to 30 HotJobs job categories including government, law
enforcement/security, pharmaceutical/biotech, and non-profit/volunteer

In addition, it opens up possibilities for Yahoo! to advertise HotJobs job
listings on geographic-based sections of the site. For instance, the
company said, HotJobs listings would be piped into the Get Local site, which provides data for over
36,000 cities across the U.S.

“In the future, employers and recruiters will also have access to the 2.4
million resumes available from Yahoo!, in addition to the 7.8 million resumes
posted on HotJobs,” the company said.

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