3Q14 Global Average Internet Connection Speed was 4.5 Mbps

The third quarter State of the Internet (SOTI) report from Akamai is now out, once again showing Internet adoption growth.

During the third quarter, Akamai reported that the global average connection was 4.5 Mbps, a 25 percent year over year gain but a 2.8 percent decline from the second quarter figures. The average peak connection speed had a similar trend, coming in at 24.8 Mbps, which is a 38 percent year-over-year gain but a 2.3 percent quarterly decline.

Looking inside the U.S., the great state of Delaware had the top average connection speed in the nation, coming in at 17.4 Mbps for a 37 percent year-over-year gain. Delaware also led the list for the average peak connection speed, coming in at 75.7 Mbps for a 57 percent yearly gain.

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