50 Free iPhone Apps for Road Warriors

If your work has you out of the office more than you’re in it, you know the value of tools that help you stay in touch. With the iPhone by your side, you don’t need to haul a laptop everywhere you go.

In this collection of apps, you’ll find tools for getting work done on the road, keeping in touch with co-workers, and getting quick information. Best of all, every app in this list is free.

That means you can try them out at no risk: keep the ones that help your business and delete the others. Your work is crucial, and a free iPhone app is a top-notch assistant.

Notes and documents

free iphone apps for travelers

1) Documents Free: A lightweight office suite with a spreadsheet, text editor, file browser, and Google Sync.

2) DocWrite: Dictate into this app and it will transcribe your notes and store them for you.

3) iAnywhere Mobile Office: This app extends Lotus Domino and Microsoft Exchange to enterprise iPhone users.

4) Invoice2go Lite: The 10 included invoice styles make it quick to submit your invoice and get paid.

5) iTalk Recorder: This voice recorder offers three quality settings and the ability to add to existing recordings.

6) JMDictate Free: This dictation tool lets you add material in the middle of existing dictation sessions and includes flexible sharing options.

7) QuickVoice Recorder: A powerful voice recorder that can record seconds or hours of audio.

8) Right Signature: Sign proposals and other documents right on your phone.

Meetings and networking

free iphone apps for travelers

9) AT&T Virtual Receptionist: Project a professional image with a virtual receptionist.

10) Box.net: Access your files from anywhere and share them with anyone with a Box.net account and this app.

11) Cisco WebEx Meeting Center: Set up and attend WebEx meetings from your phone.

12) Conference Call: Schedule conference calls from your phone. You can get a free account with 100 minutes per month.

13) DUB: Easily exchange contact information with other DUB users.

14) Linked In: Get information about your Linked In network while you’re on-the-go. Learn about the person you’re meeting with or post a question to your contacts.

15) PGI Mobile: This app lets you hold conference calls and even record them.

16) Salesforce Mobile: Start a free trial and always have your sales data close at hand.

17) Skype: Don’t pay a fortune for iPhone calling; Skype gives you free Skype-to-Skype calls.

18) Yammer: Share your current project with other Yammer users and get feedback and helpful advice.

Connectivity and remote access

19) Accept Credit Cards: MerchantWARE customers can use this to process credit card payments from their phones.

20) Citrix Receiver: Citrix users, access any Windows application or file from your iPhone or iPod Touch.

21) GadgetTrak for iPhone: If your iPhone gets lost or stolen, this sneaky app will help you get it back.

22) IRdesktop: Use this remote client to view and control your Windows desktop. Click for a list of supported systems.

23) mBox Fax & Voice: Receive faxes and voice mails on your iPhone or iPod touch.

24) Mocha VNC Lite: Use your phone to access a VNC server, then connect to your office computer.

25) Network Ping Lite: Maintain your network and debug any problems with this utility.

26) Remote Desktop Lite: Get access to your office PC, as long as you’re running Windows XP Professional.

27) WiFi HD Free: Share, copy, and backup your files from any computer or another iPhone.

Data managers

free iphone apps for travelers

28) Automilez—Mobile GPS Mileage Log: Use your iPhone’s GPS ability to capture your mileage automatically.

29) Easy TimeSheet Lite; This time-tracking app lets you record your time for one project.

30) Intuit GoPayment: If you or your company has an Intuit GoPayment Merchant Service account, you can use this app to get paid on the spot.

31) MileBug—Mileage Log: Track your miles with this convenient app. It even includes international support such as kilometers and custom rates.

32) Money Agent Lite: Track your daily income and spending with this money management application.

33) myTo-Dos with Email Support: Enter as many to-do items as you want, then mail some to your back office staff for support.

34) ReceiptsOnDisk: The app gives you a quick and simple way to store receipts on your iPhone.

35) Sales & Commissions Lite: Track your sales and calculate your commissions automatically.

36) SmartTime Lite: This calendar and GTD-based task solution synchs with your Google account.

37) Timewerks—Lite: This time-tracking and invoicing application is limited to one project and one invoice at a time.

38) Todo List: This simple app lets you create start and end dates for your events and assign priority statuses.

39) TouchTodo LT: Use this todo list app to synch task due dates with your Google calendar.

40) Trip Cubby Lite—Mileage Log: This mileage tracker is easy and fast, with predictive input, auto-entry, auto-calculation, and quick access to frequent trips.

41) VehiCal—Car Expense Management: Record your mileage and expenses for your car usage.


42) Analytics Agent Free: Browse the Google Analytics information for your Web site and monitor traffic.

43) FedEx Mobile for iPhone: Follow the shipping statuses for all of your FedEx packages.

44) FtpDisc Lite—PDF Reader: View PDF and other document types on your iPhone.

45) Marketing Forecast: Inform yourself with a continuous stream of marketing and consumer data from Ad-ology Research and other top research firms.

46) Public Speech: Practice your public speaking. This app helps you time your speeches and record them for later study.

47) Rental Car Sites: Renting a car is easy with this app. It uses the iPhone’s GPS to tell you where the nearest rental agencies are.

48) Roambi—Visualizer: Display your business data as eye-catching interactive visualizations.

49) YouSendIt Tracker: Monitor the delivery status of files sent with your YouSendIt account.

50) ZIP Finder: Quickly find the right ZIP code for anywhere in the United States.

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