AllSeen Alliance Announces IoT Patent Policy

The Allseen Alliance, which is an Internet of Things (IoT) Linux Foundation Collaboration project, was launched in December of 2013. But it was missing one key element — a definitive patent policy. Now at long last in January 2015, the AllSeen Alliance has defined a patent policy for Intellectual Property (IP), which will come into effect in April.

Philip DesAutels, Senior Director of IoT at the Linux Foundation, explained that, to date, AllSeen Alliance’s AllJoyn framework code has been covered by the ISC open-source license, which is a copyright license.

“We knew when the AllSeen Alliance started that we would need a more complex licensing scheme beyond copyright, but the challenge was getting the right policy in place,” DesAutels told Datamation.

Read the full story at Datamation:
Linux Foundation’s AllSeen IoT Alliance Opens up IP Policy

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