AllSeen Alliance Brings IoT to the Cloud

The AllSeen Alliance is a multi-stakeholder effort that is operated as a Linux Foundation Collaboration project. The Linux Foundation first announced the AllSeen Alliance effort in December 2013, with the AllJoyn code contribution from Qualcomm serving as the basis. AllJoyn is a framework for enabling secure and seamless connectivity, as well as access, for IoT devices.

Now the AllSeen Alliance is expanding the framework with the AllJoyn Gateway Agent that expands the footprint of IoT features beyond a user’s local environment, all the way out to the cloud.

“The AllJoyn Gateway Agent comprises new libraries and extensions to AllJoyn to enable secure cloud-based services access to for AllJoyn-enabled devices,” Philip DesAutels, senior director of IoT at The Linux Foundation explained to Datamation. “It’s an enhancement to AllJoyn’s existing proximal networking capabilities.”

Read the full story at Datamation:
Linux Foundation AllSeen Alliance Expands Internet of Things Efforts

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