Amazon EC2’s U.S. Outage Caused by Lightning

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At 7:33 PM Pacific Time (PT) on Wednesday, June 10, parts of Amazon’s Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2) lost power after a lightning strike. Technicians were at the data center within the hour and replaced the damaged power units gradually, finishing work at 1:20 AM PT this morning.

“Last night’s issue was limited to one US EC2 Availability Zone when a small percentage of instances in that zone lost power due to a lightning storm. This was not a generalized issue and there was no impact to other AWS services,” said an Amazon representative in an e-mail to

The company posts the current condition as well as a historical record of outages on its AWS Service Health Dashboard. The dashboard shows a piece of the Mechanical Turk service also experienced some problems yesterday.

The company is working to ensure that such problems won’t affect users when they happen again.

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