Apache NoSQL Project Gets Commercial Support

The NoSQL movement has caught on in computing circles, where people are likely quicker to “get” what it’s about, but in general, non-tech firms, adoption has gone a little slower. However, a new startup hopes to help spur mainstream business adoption by adding features to an Apache-sponsored NoSQL project that business users want. Or so the company believes. Database Journal looks into it.

The Apache Cassandra open source NoSQL database has been embraced by big Web 2.0 properties like Facebook, Digg and Twitter, but what about regular enterprises? That’s where new startup Riptano is hoping to fill the gap, proving support for Cassandra and, in time, commercial management and tooling on top of the open core.

While Riptano is new, the company has a direct relationship to the core Apache Cassandra open source project, having been co-founded by the project’s chair, Jonathan Ellis. Startup funding for Riptano is being provided by Rackspace, which has also been actively involved in Apache Cassandra development. Both Ellis and co-founder Matt Pfeil are ex-Rackspace employees.

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Cassandra NoSQL Database Gets Commercial Support

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