Apache Wookie Heads to the Attic

From the ‘I thought Han Solo dies?’ files:

The last time I wrote about Apache Wookie was May 2012, on the occasion of the open-source project’s 0.10.0 release.

In a nutshell, the Apache Wookie project is a Java Application Server, for widgets that canApache Wookie be W3C compliant and work with the OpenSocial effort. Wookie never really caught on with users or developers and the project is now officially moving to the Apache Attic.

The Apache Attic is where dormant projects go, it’s not quite dead, but it’s mostly dead. An Apache board report from February 16, 2016 outlines why the project was going nowhere.

“As mentioned in previous reports, activity in the project has declined and is now at a minimum with some questions from users and implementers but little on the development side and also the community has not grown since 2013. The reasons for this remain the same, in particular the lack of non-proprietary adoption of the W3C widget specification. As a result we are currently holding a vote to move Wookie to the Attic.”

To add further insult to injury only three votes were cast on the decision to move Wookie to the Attic (all were in favor).


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