Ballmer Shows Off Next Windows Live Messenger

Microsoft’s next edition of its Windows Live Messenger instant messaging client is coming soon, according to the company’s CEO, Steve Ballmer. But while Ballmer highlighted a number of new features — think tighter social media integration — plenty of questions remain.

Still, the early look gives users a preview of what to expect from a technology that’s become ubiquitous across not just PCs, but non-PC products like smartphones and other devices. The evolution of the technology hasn’t been lost on Microsoft, which is also eying new ways to link Live Messenger with devices that aren’t PCs. Instant Messaging Planet has the story.

Microsoft is going all out to make the next version of Windows Live Messenger the most feature-packed release of its instant messaging client yet — and to generate as much early excitement about it as possible in the meantime.

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) CEO Steve Ballmer gave the first preview of the next release of Windows Live Messenger to an audience at the Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil on Wednesday. Company spokespersons later provided even more information regarding the upcoming messaging client. Many of the new and updated features focus on two areas: social networking and non-PC usage.

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Microsoft Gives Preview of the Next Live Messenger

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