Can Froyo Stop Android Platform Fragmentation?

Google has led quite a revolution with the Open Handset Alliance and the Android operating system. In two years, it has become the number two smartphone platform on the market, second only to the well-established BlackBerry platform.

But in the process, there has been some fragmentation of the market as companies have done their own implementations. Can this trend be reversed, and will FroYo, the codename for Android 2.2, be the solution to reversing Android fragmentation? Enterprise Mobile Today looks into that very issue.

As Google prepares to kick off its annual Google I/O developer conference Wednesday, the wireless industry — including many open source mobile app developers — are anticipating the Android 2.2 release, dubbed Froyo, not only because of its faster processing features but also for its potential to mitigate the nascent OS’s fragmentation issue.

Handsets powered by Google’s Android are becoming increasingly popular, but the open source smartphone platform is facing a threat that could cause it to self-destruct.

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Can Froyo 2.2 Save Linux-Based Android From Fragmentation?

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