Cisco Banks on Open Source in Cloud Shift

Few companies are closer to the center of the shift in IT to the cloud than Cisco, and the networking heavyweight is coming to rely increasingly on open source technology as it develops new equipment to facilitate and support cloud-computing deployments.

In particular, Cisco is taking an active interest in OpenStack, an open source cloud initiative led jointly by Rackspace and NASA. Additionally, Cisco has a strong business partnership with open source vendor Red Hat, and has contributed code to the Fedora Project. Server Watch takes a look at Cisco’s evolving view of open source software and cloud computing.

The move to cloud-based infrastructure is one that is set to dominate networking discussions in 2011. One of the leaders in the move to cloud is networking giant Cisco (NASDAQ:CSCO), which provides servers, routing and switching infrastructure that enables cloud computing deployments.

At this stage of cloud development and deployment, standards are still emerging, which is where open source software may be able to help.

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Cisco, Cloud Computing and Open Source Software

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