Cloud Sherpas Ramps Google Apps Management

Google Apps may be on-demand and not locally-installed but they still require some management and administration. Google has decided to leave that up to third party vendors, and Cloud Sherpas is stepping in to fill that gap.
Datamation has more information.

Google hopes to become a major player in the enterprise space with its cloud-based Google Apps suite. But to do that, it’s looking to third-party developers and resellers to help flesh out its offering and distribution.

With Cloud Sherpas, it gets both. The company is a Google Apps reseller as well as a developer offering IT management features and customization companies can’t get from the search giant.

Cloud Sherpas’ founders have experience as VARs in the traditional IT space working with products such as Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange that compete with Google Apps.

“When we started the company a few years ago, we saw that the cloud was going to fundamentally change the way the channel and IT worked,” Michael Cohn, co-founder and CEO of Cloud Sherpas, told “Everything is much easier and streamlined in what’s been called Channel 2.0 because you’re not moving big iron around and developers don’t have the huge startup costs they used to.”

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