Cloudera Brings Free Management Tool to Hadoop

One of the leading vendors in the commercial Hadoop space is Cloudera, which develops the Cloudera Enterprise Hadoop (CEH) distribution. Going a step beyond just having a Big Data deployment, Cloudera also develops the Cloudera Enterprise Manager software release, which provides management tools for Hadoop. The new Cloudera Enterprise 3.7 release comes as vendors big and small jump on the Hadoop bandwagon as interest and investment continues to grow.

“Cloudera Manager is now in its third major release so we’ve had nearly two years of research and development in this product,” Charles Zedlewski, VP of Product at Cloudera told “It can manage the complete Hadoop stack so it covers everything from HBase to Zookeeper to MapReduce and it manages the full operational lifecycle.”

The Cloudera Enterprise 3.7 release is now also being expanded with a free edition of Cloudera Manager as well as a paid one. The Cloudera Manager Free Edition is a replacement for the company’s SCM Express management solution.

“The free edition is designed to make it easier for people to get started with Hadoop,” Zedlewski said. “You just download a single file, point it at an IP range, and it will build a complete production-grade Hadoop cluster in 30 minutes.”

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