CloudFoundry Platform as a Service Now Generally Available as Pivotal CF

VMware launched Cloud Foundry in 2011, and the technology moved to Pivotal in April as part of the spin-out of Pivotal from VMware and EMC assets.

The new Pivotal One offering was first talked about by Pivotal in April of this year as being a collection of tools and services that build a complete PaaS experience. The core Cloud Foundry PaaS solution is a fast moving open source effort that the Pivotal One offering is aiming to make more consumable for enterprises.

James Watters, head of product, marketing and ecosystem for Cloud Foundry at Pivotal, told ServerWatch that one of the goals for Pivotal One is to provide an easier installation experience for Cloud Foundry. That goal has been achieved in the new enterprise distribution of Cloud Foundry, which is now called Pivotal CF.

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Pivotal Brings Cloud Foundry PaaS into Full Release

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