Developer Says Windows 7 Eats Up Memory

One of the biggest selling points of Windows 7 is it’s supposed to have much better memory management than Windows Vista, which had a reputation as a memory hog. Well, one developer says stats he’s gathered shows Windows 7 is no better. Datamation has the details.

Feeling good about that new Windows 7 PC? Would you feel less sanguine if someone told you that recent tests show that 85 percent of Windows 7 PCs are in danger of maxing out the system’s RAM?

That’s at least the claim made this week by Devil Mountain Software, whose, or XPnet for short, has produced controversial results before.

“New data from the exo.repository shows that better than 8 in 10 Windows 7 systems monitored by the are running alarmingly low on physical memory. And nearly the same number are demonstrating significant delays in I/O processing — ostensibly due to heavy virtual memory activity as Windows compensates for insufficient RAM,” said a post to the on Wednesday.

The firm’s reports are based on results of data collected by XPnet, which Devil Mountain’s team claims comes from nearly 23,000 subscribers to In order to participate, subscribers install a small app on their PCs which collects data on various system conditions over time and periodically reports back with the results which are then tabulated and analyzed.

Read the full story at Datamation:

Developer: Windows 7 Maxes Out on Memory Use

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