Docker 0.8 Debuts as Open-Source Virtualization Container Cadence Accelerates

The open-source Docker virtualization container project released its 0.8 release last week, for the first time providing native support for Mac OS X users.

Docker is an open-source effort that takes a different approach to application virtualization than virtualization hypervisors like VMware’s ESX, Microsoft’ Hyper-V or the open-source Xen or Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) projects. Instead of virtualizing an entire operating system, Docker is a container system that sits on top of an existing host operating system. The general idea is that a Docker-based approach is more efficient and potentially easier to secure. Earlier this year Docker Inc., the lead commercial sponsor behind the open-source project, announced that it had raised $15 million in new funding.

Prior to this week’s Docker 0.8 release, it was possible to run Docker on a heavyweight virtual machine on a Mac, but it was highly manual and not officially supported, Docker CEO Ben Golub said.

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