Docker 1.8.2 Released Improving Container Stability

From the ‘point release make milestones better’ files:

The Docker 1.8.2 release is now out provide the second incremental update to Docker 1.8.x since the initial 1.8.0 release on August 12. As was the case with 1.8.1 this is a bug and stability update. From my perspective there are few noteworthy fixes including:

-Fix a bug mounting cgroups for docker daemons running inside docker containers.
-Initialize log configuration properly.


-Fixed an incorrect network namespace switch issue.

Timing for the 1.8.2 releases is interesting as the 1.9 milestone is still in active development.

Docker 1.9 is particularly interesting in that it will be the first Docker engine release set to support User Namespaces. That’s important for both visibility and security and should have a big impact.

Docker 1.9 is set to enter its code freeze on September 22 with general availability now set for Oct 13.

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