Drupal Readies Version 7 of its CMS Software

With an increasing number of large, commercial enterprises adopting Drupal as their content management system of choice, the members of the Drupal project are kicking things into high gear. There’s no firm behind it the way the Mozilla Foundation is behind Firefox, but it does have a major corporate supporter in Acquia.

This week, Acquia announced some of the latest developments surrounding Drupal V7, including training and hosting initiatives as well as how many bugs are left to squash before the code can be released. Developer.com has the details.

Getting the next version of Drupal, the popular open source content management system, is top of mind for Drupal creator Dries Buytaert. But speaking at the Drupalcon conference this week, Buytaert noted that Drupal 7 still requires additional work, with more than a hundred bugs remaining until Drupal 7 is ready.

Yet that’s not stopping work on other efforts to push Drupal development forward.

This week, Acquia, the lead commercial sponsor behind Drupal for which Buytaert serves as co-founder and CTO, announced new training, hosting and distribution efforts — moves that aim to further spread the growing footprint of Drupal deployments while work on Drupal 7 development continues.

Read the full story at Developer.com:

Drupal Development Proliferates as Version 7 Nears

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