EnterpriseDB Bows New Postgres, Security Tools

The latest news from EnterpriseDB this week is the release of Postgres Plus Standard Server version 9, updating the company’s commercially supported version of the open source PostgreSQL database. The open source community version of PostgreSQL 9 debuted in September 2010, adding new database replication and scalability features.

The company had other news as well, unveiling new commercial tools designed to help PostgreSQL users better secure their databases and their code.

“The EnterpriseDB Postgres Plus Standard Server 9 release includes all of the patches that have come out since September,” Robin Schumacher, director of product strategy at EnterpriseDB told InternetNews.com. “We also package a number of ancillary pieces of software and make it all available in one place for customers.”

Beyond the core database, EnterpriseDB is making available a trio of database tools to PostgreSQL users. The SQL/Protect module is designed to reduce the risk of SQL injection attack, the most common type of database attack.

EnterpriseDB is also providing a new tool for heterogenous database replication with the xDB Replication Server. Get all the details, including additional security news, in Datamation’s report.

Read the full story at Datamation:

EnterpriseDB Releases New Postgres Plus Security Tools

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