Eyeing the Kernel in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6

The mainline Linux kernel now approaching its 2.6.34 release, but Red Hat isn’t in the mood to wait around until it’s shipped to find the kernel for its next Red Hat Enterprise Linux offering, which is winding its own way toward completion.

That’s because the Linux vendor routinely mixes both existing kernel components with new and upcoming ones — while also blending kernel components from other releases, like its specialty real-time Linux offering, MRG.

ServerWatch takes a look at the approach and what it means for the next generation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Sitting at the heart of every Linux OS distribution is a Linux kernel. When it comes to the upcoming Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6 release, the issue of which kernel is being used is not a cut and dried answer, however.

RHEL 6 is currently in its first beta release, with a feature freeze now in place. Currently, the mainline Linux kernel is nearing its 2.6.34 release, while the most recent stable release is the 2.6.33 release, which came out in February. But instead of either sticking with the 2.6.33 Linux kernel or holding out for 2.6.34, Red Hat is taking a different approach.

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