Facebook Users Still Upset at Security Changes

Facebook’s subscribers just are not willing to cut the social networking site any slack. The firm introduced a new privacy policy that requires all users to reset and update their profile settings but there are concerns if people don’t set things properly, the whole world can see private data.

It wouldn’t be a major announcement from Facebook if it weren’t met by howls of protest.

The latest follows yesterday’s revamp of the company’s privacy features, a process that will require all Facebook users to update the settings that determine how widely accessible the information they post to their profiles will be.

Facebook billed the changes as a consumer-friendly overhaul that would give users simpler and more granular controls over their information, but some digital rights and privacy advocates rushed to criticize the move.

Specifically, they worry that as users are prompted to update their controls, Facebook set the default setting for status updates, photos, and other posts to “everyone,” meaning that that information would be open to the entire Web, not just the Facebook community.

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